From Lawrence: At the first presentation to the IEC group workshop the aim was to articulate the direction of our research- Why and How it has been found cogent to engage the emergent forms of community in the Igbo oil producing area of Nigeria. The focus was to articulate and present the direction of the research and method that will be applied to achieve the objectives of the research. The concept of environmental justice through which the outcome of our effort will be measured was also articulated. By environmental justice as implicated in our work is meant justice that makes all members of the community equal stakeholders in the environment through a fair allocations of the gains and burdens of the environment. The theoretical assumption of our research is that oil communities are often made up of different categories of the people – the expatriate workers; the indigenes/host of the oil community; the entrepreneurs, etc, whose resources are invested in oil productions, etc. Given these categories, it is pertinent to inquire how oil production defends environmental justice in an Igbo/African community. In the course of the presentation the objectives of our research was also shared to the group.

They include:
(i)Collection of data from community groups in Oil producing areas of Egbema-in Imo areas, Igbo culture of South East Nigeria with focus on communal projects;
(ii)Working with community groups in the oil producing areas to produce facts and data that would help to explain the state of the community in relational to communal projects;
(iii)Interviewing heads/members of community groups in Oil producing area; 
(iv)Relating the findings to Igbo belief in Ala deity-the arch-earth deity in Igbo thought which sees the earth as from of deity and upholds the principle of earth justice.
(v)Interpret the findings to provide a formidable publishable material on the community and energy culture in the Igbo culture; 

These were discussed with the IEC group. Illustrative pictures of the communities where the research are conducted were also displayed and discussed with the working group and the notion of the Ala deity- the Igbo arch-deity the belief on which endorses, regulates Igbo concept of the community was also discussed. This presentation mapped out the direction of the research and the findings that are expected out from the work.

From Theresa: I am currently gathering secondary and primary sources on the history of oil management in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. I am gathering data on the oral history of the local communities that were impacted by oil production.